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Paryavaranachi Vaari Pandharichya Daari was organized on the occasion of Aashadhi Ekadashi dated 4th July 2017


An environmental public awareness campaign namely 'Paryavaranachi Vaari Pandharichya Daari' was organized on the occasion of Aashadhi Ekadashi and the foot pilgrimage to Pandharpur. As environmental issues are equally detrimental to urban and rural areas, fundamental messages such as plastic waste removal, proper use of water, electricity and natural resources, use of limited electrical power for agriculture, use of organic fertilizers, proper waste management of wet waste and dry waste were spread among the 10 lakh devotees who had gathered for the Pandharpur pilgrimage. These messages were made public through folk art, popularly known as Kirtan, Bharud, and Povada. In this 15 day long pilgrimage, Sangeet Natak Academy award winner, Smt. Chandabai Tiwari, famous Shahir Shree Devanand Mali and Hari Bhakta Parayan Shri. Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Wabale created public awareness through Bharud, Povada and Kirtan respectively. This year's Pandharpur pilgrimage was inaugurated at Pune by Hon'ble Minister of State of Environment, Shri. Ramdas Kadam. Honorable dignitaries such as Member Secretary of MPCB, Dr. P. Anbalagan and Hon'ble Mayor of Pune were present at this event. Guidance for this pilgrimage was sought from Dr. Prakash Khandge, a well-known researcher of folk arts. The conclusion of this pilgrimage was organized on the eve of Aashadhi Ekadashi in the presence of Hon'ble Chief Minister, Shri. Devendra Fadnavis, Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, Cabinet Minister (Solapur), Shri. Vijay Deshmukh, Minister of Water and Sanitation, Shri. Babanrao Lonikar, Senior Cabinet Minister, Shri. Mahadev Jankar, Member Secretary of MPCB, Dr. P. Anbalagan and other honorable dignitaries

४ जुलै २०१७ रोजी आषाढी एकादशीनिमित्त पर्यावरणाची वारी पंढरीच्या दारी आयोजित करण्यात आली होती