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Financial Aid was provided to UFO Digital Movies to create awareness for opting Environment friendly Ganesha in August 2011.


In order to create awareness for opting for environment friendly ganesha, it was proposed that an A/V film of 40 seconds be broadcasted in all of the digital cinema theatres (totaling 205 cinema house) in the city for at least 30 days before the Ganesha festival begins. It was successfully done.

ऑगस्ट २०११ मध्ये जनजागृती करण्यासाठी पर्यावरणस अनुकूल गणेशाची निवड करण्यासाठी यूएफओ डिजिटल चित्रपटांना आर्थिक सहाय्य प्रदान करण्यात आले.