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High Level Seminar on Strategies for Control of Air Pollution in Mumbai on 1st and 2nd Mar, 2005


High Level Conference on Strategies for Control of Air Pollution in Mumbai Hotel Le' Meridian, Mumbai March 1-2, 2005 Sahar AirPort Road, Sahar, Andheri(E), Mumbai-400 099 Mumbai being one of the first metropolitan cities in India embarking on rapid industrial and urban development since independence also had its share of problems of air pollution. Naturally, the concern for prevention and control of air pollution was reflected in various actions by authorities. Over the years, several steps have been taken for control of air pollution in the city. These activities got boost subsequent to the cognizance taken by the judiciary and issuance of various directions for control of air pollution. Automobile exhaust and issues relating to traffic management were identified as major source of air pollution. These seemed to be an urgent need to bring together the regulatory bodies and research organizations as well as all those who are working in the field of air quality. With these views, a two day workshop is organized which would outlined the various aspects of air pollution status, management practices, policies in existence. The workshop is expected to bring together individuals and organizations on a common platform and witness development of strategies for better air in Mumbai. Dr. D.B. Boralkar welcomed the guest of Honour Shri. Ganesh Naik, Hon'ble Minister of Environment, Excise. Dr. D.B. Boralkar outlined the background, origin and need for holding the conference as well as the objectives. He emphasized on the judicial intervention of High Court and an urgent need for action plan for controlling Air Pollution in Mumbai. He mentioned about initiatives by various agencies and resulting improvement in the air quality in Mumbai. He also pointed out the benefit Mapping and Analysis Program International (Ben Map) studies which deals with cost benefit analysis of Air Pollution and health taken up jointly by Neeri and MPCB. He outlined MPCB plans for setting up of automatic online Ambient Air Quality Monitoring station in Mumbai. Ammesha Sampat, US EAP briefed about the activities that are initiated within India with regards to Air Pollution and its health effects under the umbrella of Mou between MoEF and USEAP. Dr. Devotta, Director, Neeri, in his address outlined the co-benefits environmental pollution control and need to consider the avoidance costs and in directs benefits therein. He also pointed out the need for broader approach towards environmental problems and certain local issues needing immediate concern instead of narrow approach focusing on international protocols. Hon'ble Minister of State for Environment Shri Ganesh Naik, inaugurated the conference and briefed about the need for in-depth discussion and studies on the man-made environmental problems. He also emphasized on the role of awareness as an essential part of air pollution control strategy and the steps that are being taken up for control of air pollution in Mumbai. Shri. Naik also mentioned about the urgent need for protecting our environment. Dr. J. S. Pande, Scientist, Neeri, Nagpur Proposed the vote of thanks

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