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Interaction with the Press and NGOs on Environment on 10th Nov, 2005


With a intention to interact with the press & NGOs on the work so far done by the MPCB in implementation of various legislations and rules framed for environment protection in the State, a meeting was organized on 10th of Nov. 2005 at Textile Committee Hall, Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400 025. First of all Shri D. T. Devale, SLO welcomed the dignitaries on the dais, NGOs, media persons & officers and staff members of the MPCB. In his welcome speech, he briefly introduced the chief guest & other dignitaries and given the background about this meet. He requested to the gatherings to pay homage to late Ex-President of India, Hon. Shri K. R. Narayanan on his demise by observing 2 minutes silence. Shri P. P. Nandusekar, PSO in his speech gave details about his long tenure in the Board and the work done in the field of air pollution, water pollution and public awareness campaigns, Kumbha mela at Nashik. He expressed his displeasure about the media that, many a time media do not publish remarkable work even of the MPCB for want of presence of big political leaders. This attitude of the media deprives the public from important and useful information in the field of environment protection. He emphasized the efforts taken by him for organizing exhibitions on local level, State level and abroad with the positive support and able guidance of present Member Secretary. Dr. D. B. Boralkar, M.S. explained the gravity of the subject environment protection in the State. He enlightened about the quantum of wastes generation and velocity of urbanization in the State, comparing percentage-wise with other States. He emphasized the formation of a private infrastructure company for implementation of various acts, enactments, court orders effectively in the State and given details of the process initiated by the State Govt. Shri Kumar Kadam, President of the Mumbai Marathi Patrikar Sangh in his speech insisted on effective public participation for the environment protection & awareness drive at grass route and rural level than at white collar/high society level. He traced the need of giving proper and true information to the media personnel and identifying the bogus NGOs. He also desired to have a joint venture with ‘Patrakar Sangh’ for public awareness work. He explained his experience in the village ‘Avashi’ & how politically motivated NGOs created superficial atmosphere and make out hot news of the incident which has not actually taken place. He was of the view that the MPCB should prepare a handbook manual for environmental journalists & MPCB should provide regulation information to the press for wide spread publicity and awareness amongst the public at large. Shri Chandrasen Borade from Ranjai, Pune explained, how effective work can be done by through the public participation. He also emphasized that, without encouragement from the concern departments and government machinery, NGOs cannot function effectively. He informed about the project undertaken by the KDMC in collaboration with foreign based company for power generation from MSW. 500 MT, MSW which can give 10 MW power. This project can be brought to the notice of Pune Mun. Corpn. for use of MSW for power generation. He pointed out that, BMW generated in the big hospitals in Pune is only taken care of, but the small health care centers do not dispose their BMW in scientific manner, hence MPCB should look into small generators. NGOs are trying to monitor and create public awareness in this field. He pointed out the inefficient functioning of Kurkumbh CETP and not having facility like fire station etc. at that place. He express his anxiety about the lead and mercury pollution in the city. He also stressed the need to extend concept “Parisar” to more & more areas rather than to one’s own house, so that more area will be brought under clean up by each one in the society. Vasant Mhatre, NGO from Navi Mumbai expressed his grave concern regarding MSW of NMMC. He felt that the MPCB be given free hand without interference of political powers to implement environmental legislations effectively. He also pointed out that, MSW site of NMMC should be at far distance from residential area as this chemical belt has become thickly populated area. He expressed his willingness to support MPCB activities in respect of pollution control and ready to act as a watch-dog. He also felt need of separate body of professionally experts in environmental field for giving pollution free atmosphere to the citizens. Shri Kishore Dharia, President of ‘Hirwal’, NGO also welcomed MPCB for organizing such a meet for interaction with press, media and NGOs. Rishi Aggarwal, NGO opined to frame a separate department in MPCB to co-ordinate NGOs for regular meet for exchange of thoughts and ideas. Prof. S. B. Chaphekar, Chief Guest of the meeting guided all in depth. He informed about his interaction with the Board from the time of Mr. Lentin, Ex-Director of the Board and so on. He emphasized that, only enforcement of various acts will not suffice to educate people about the environment protection, there must be action plan with the Board for awareness campaign. On the remarks of Dr. Boralkar, “Board is self-sufficient”, he opined that, Board must remove deficiencies they experienced in day to day working, only financial self-sufficiency will not result in awareness campaign. Besides doing work through agencies and consultants, many ways are to be adopted to educate people for pollution control programme. In his speech, he traced need of participation of rural NGOs, Municipal Councils of B & C Class and small cities & towns in the protection of the environment. Programmes on school level should be prepared for these activities. He narrated effectiveness of participation of the students in such activities. He mentioned his displeasure about the unhygienic atmosphere experienced in our pilgrim places. Action plans like Shani- Shinganapur should be undertaken in other pilgrimage places immediately. Instead of meeting with NGOs from and around Mumbai area, Statewide conference be arranged for interaction on this issue with the NGOs. He also enlightened about the un-recoverable pollution of soil. He deeply expressed his concern about unscientific and unhygienic way of dumping of MSW, which affected fertility of the soil. He suggested, Board should support to the NGOs, citizens and schools for effective awareness and environment protection plans to achieve success in environment protection and pollution control aim. The interaction meet was attended by 75 participants consisting of NGOs, representatives of the press, media, experts and consultants in the field of the environment all over The Maharashtra with a short notice. MPCB exhibited various news published in the various news-papers about the actions of the MPCB in favour of & against the Board. Activities undertaken by the MPCB during Ganpati festival, Holi, Navratri and Diwali festival for creation of awareness were also displayed. The operative part of the orders passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India & Mumbai High Court Benches in respect of Management of Hazardous Wastes, Municipal Solid Wastes, Noise Monitoring and effective actions initiated by the Board in Mahabaleshwar & Panchgani sensitive zone were also shown in the exhibition. The information about the participation of the MPCB at State, National & International level was highlighted in the exhibition. For making the above programme successful, the following officers as well as employees taken very hard work, namely, 1) Dr.A.N. Kamble, JSO 2) Shri B. D. Wadde, SRO 3) Shri A.S. Nandvate, FO 4) Shri D.R. Bansod, FO 5) Miss Viju Sirsath, FO 6) Mrs.Kamla Bhaskar, Jr.Steno 7) Shri A.M. Mirkute, Jr.Steno 8) Miss. Renuka Chavan, JRF 9) Mrs. Deepali Joshi, Jr. Clerk Shri R. G. Pethe concluded the meeting and given vote of thanks to the participants with vote of thanks to the chair.

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