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Closure Direction Status

Status of Closure directions issued to the Industries(as on 18/02/2013) -Nashik Region

Sr.No. Name of Industry Closure Direction vide letter no. and Date Details about restart Direction
1 M/s.Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd., 
Dist. Nagpur
MPCB/RONK/CD-244/2482 dated 19/06/2010 MPCB/BO/P&L Divn/B-4134 dated 28/06/2010
2 M/s.  Bedmutha Industry Ltd, 
Unit No. II), Plot No. A-70-72, STICE Musalgaon, Sinnar, Dist. Nashik


MPCB/RONK/ CD 530/ 9405 17/05/2012

MPCB/BO/JD(APC)/DIR-81/TB-1/B-32285 dated 23.05.2012

M/s.  ADF Foods Ltd. ,
Plot No. E-5, MIDC Malegaon, Tal. Sinnar, Dist. Nashik

MPCB/RONK/ CD/ 495/ 935/27/02/2012

MPCB/RONK/06/2037/2012 dtd. 14.03.2012

M/s.  B. S. Metals, 
Plot No. D-21, MIDC Ambad, Dist.Nashik



Industry is permanently close down the activity
5 M/s.  Vinod Engineering,
Plot No. M-80, MIDC Ambad, Dist.Nashik

MPCB/RONK /CD/513/8032/18/04/2012

MPCB/RONK/2012/11218 dtd. 13.12.2012


M/s. Avdhoot Enterprises, 
Plot No. M-58, MIDC Ambad, Nashik

  MPCB/RONK/CD/514/8030/18/04/2012 Industry is permanently close down the activity
7 M/s.  Shri Sai Industry,
Plot No. - D-25, MIDC Ambad, Nashik.
MPCB/RONK/CD/515/ 8031/18/04/2012 MPCB/RONK/2012/11257 dtd. 18.12.2012
8 M/s. Saptashrungi Electroplating,
Plot No. B-58, NICE, MIDC Satpur, Nashik


Industry is permanently close down the activity

M/s. Sai Enterprises,

(M/s. HemEnterprises)

Plot No. B-58, NICE Satpur, Nashik


Industry is permanently close down the activity

Shri Ram Enterprises, Plot No. B – 58, NICE MIDC Satpur, Nashik


Industry is permanently close down the activity

M/s. Belmarks Metal Worksए

Plot No. B-273, MIDC Malegaon, Tal. Sinnar, Nashik


BO/JD(APC)/DIR/B-5839dated 26.09.2012


M/s. Bhagwati Ferro Metal Pvt Ltd.,

Plot No. G -7, MIDC Malegaon, Sinnar, Nashik


Not submitted proposal of restart by the industry

M/s. Apporva Industry,

Plot No.W-82/A,
MIDC Satpur, Nashik

MPCB/RONK/TB/2874 dtd. 14.07.2011

MPCB /RONK/R. Dir - 02/11 /2011 /4911 dtd. 19.11.2011.


M/s. Nayan Metal,

Plot No. H-43, MIDC Satpur,

MPCB/RONK/TB/2876 dtd. 14.07.2011

MPCB /RONK/R. Dir - 02/11 /2011 /4912 dtd. 19.11.2011.


M/s. Kunal Enterprises,
W-84/A, MIDC Satpur,

MPCB/RONK/TB/2875 dtd. 14.07.2011 MPCB /RONK/R. Dir - 02/11 /2011 /4913 dtd. 19.11.2011.

M/s. D. M. Enterprises,
Plot No. F-33, MIDC Satpur, Dist. -Nashik.

MPCB/RONK/TB/2873 dtd. 14.07.2011 MPCB /RONK/R. Dir - 02/11 /2011 /4914 dtd. 19.11.2011

M/s. Shri Ganesh Industries,
Plot No. F-33, MIDC Satpur, Nashik

MPCB/RONK/TB/2877 dtd. 14.07.2011

MPCB /RONK/R. Dir - 02/11 /2011 /4915 dtd. 19.11.2011.


M/s. Waxen Pharma,

Plot No.77,Station Road Co-Op. Ind. Estate Ltd., Kopergaon Tal. kopergaon Dist. A’nagar
MPCB/RONK/CD-215/244 dtd.27/01/2010 The closure direction  is issued due to explosion in the industry now, industry is permanently Closed
19 M/s. Galco Extrusions Pvt. Ltd., Gat No.192/196, 1A,near MIDC Nimblak, Ahmednagar MPCB/RONK/CD-439/2287 dytd.09/06/2011

BO/JD(APC) Dir -64-Restart/B 3342/ dtd. 16.06.2011.


M/s. Mula SSSK Ltd.,

MPCB/RONK/CD-541/9816 dtd.18/06/2012 BO/P&L Div/B-3953 dtd.27/06/2012
21 M/s. Shirdi Country inn Pvt. Ltd., (ST.LAUREN SUITES) Sr.No.5/19 Mouje-Shirdi Tal. Rahata.Dist. Ahmednagar MPCB/RONK/CD-549/9981 dtd. 10/07/2012 MPCB/PAMS/Con Dir/B-4862 dtd.07/08/2012

M/s. Kamakhimata Stone Crusher, 
Gat No.220 A/P. Bhorwadi Tal. & 
Dist. Ahmednagar.

MPCB/RONK/CD-557/10215 dtd.01/08/2012

Proposal for restary submitted by Regional Office, to head office vide letter No. 11349 dated 20.12.2012 restart direction yet tobe received. However, head office has     directed SRO, A’nagar to submit the present status of the said industry. The same is awaited.


M/s. Narmada Crush Metal Gat. No. 105 A/P-Saundala Tal. Newasa, Dist. Ahmednagar
( for refusal)

MPCB/RONK/CD-671/2012 dtd.23/01/2013

MPCB/PAMS/NCM/B-3564 dtd. 08/06/2012

24 M/s. Shrigonda S.S.K Ltd., (Sugar Division), Shrigonda Factory, Tal. Shrigonda Dist. Ahmednagar MPCB/RONK/CD-671/2012 dtd.23/01/2013 RPAD/Fax/Hand Delivery No.6965 dtd.23/11/2012

M/s. Kalpataru Agro Chem Industries, Plot No. N-110, MIDC Jalgaon, Jalgaon.

MPC/RONK/CD-586/10808 /2012 dtd. 22/10/12

Now, industry is closed and
not applied for restart.