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Authorisation under Bio-Medical Waste (Management and handling) Rules,1998

Consent Management

The authorization for collection/reception/treatment /transport/storage/disposal of Biomedical waste as defined under the Rules needs to be obtained by Board as Board has been declared as prescribed Authority under the Rules.

Schedule for waste treatment facilities like incinerator/autoclave/microwave system
A. Hospitals and nursing homes in towns with populations of 30 lakhs and above. By 31st December 1999 or earlier.
B Hospitals and nursing homes in towns with population of below 30 lakhs: -  
  (a) With 500 beds and above By 31st December 1999 or earlier
  (b) With 200 beds and above but less than 500 beds By 31st December 2000 or earlier
  (c) With 50 beds and above but less than 200 beds By 31st December 2001 or earlier
  (d) With less than 50 beds By 31st December 2002 or earlier
C All other institutions generating bio-medical waste not included in A. By 31st December 2002 or earlier.

Fees for Authorisation underBio-Medical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1998

As per Environment Department, Government of Maharashtra Government Resolution No. ENV/1098 / 559 / P.K.259 /T.C.1, dt. 10.04.2003
(a) Bed Capacity Fees to be paid (p. a)
  i) Between 01-05 No Fees
  ii) Between 06-25 Rs. 1,250/-
  iii) Between 26-50 Rs. 2,500/-
  iv) Between 50-200 Rs. 5,000/-
  v) Between 201-500 Rs. 10,000/-
  vi) Above 501 Rs. 15,000/-
(b) Treatment Facility provider for bio-medical waste Rs. 10,000/- per year
(c) Transporter of Bio-Medical Wastes Rs. 07,500/- per year
(d) All other bio-medical waste generating And handling agencies. (Except a, b, c above) Rs. 02,500/- per year
These fees are payable in the form of Demand Draft on any Nationalised Bank at the Respective Sub-Regional or Regional office or at Head Quarter along with the completely filled prescribed application forms.