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Authorisation Under Hazardous Waste (Management And Handling) Rules, 2003

Consent Management

The authorization for collection/reception/treatment /transport/storage/disposal of Hazardous waste as defined under the Rules needs to be obtained by Board.
This section provides the information about application form, fees etc.

Schedule I And II of the Hazardous waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 1989 as mended in 2003

The schedule I of the said rules gives the list of the processes generating Hazardous wastes. There are 44 processes listed in this schedule which are called hazardous waste generating processes provided they generate the waste as mentioned in column 3 of the schedule.

The schedule II of the Rules gives the list of waste substances with concentration limits for different classes of waste. The hazardous waste can be classified in 5 classes as per the concentration of the waste substances mentioned in the schedule for each class.