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Thane Belapur CETP - A Success Story

Thane Belapur CETP

CETP Membership Details

Small Scale User Members 400 No.s
Medium / Large Scale User Members 55 No.s
Total Cetp Members 455 No.s
Non User Members (Associate Members) 1905 No.s

Details of CETP

  • Plant Inauguration November 1997
  • Project Design Consultant:

            M/s Environmental Engineering Consultants, Mumbai

  • Turnkey Contractor:

            M/s Sacede India Ltd., Chennai

Project Cost:
Financial Contribution:

Loan from Financial Institution (IDBI) Rs. 140 lacs
Subsidy from State & Central Govt. Rs. 100 lacs
Contribution from User Members Rs. 160 lacs
Total Rs. 400 lacs

Reasons For Success

  • Predictive And Periodic Maintenance Of All Equipments
  • Dilution Effect
  • Support And Discipline By User Members

Salient Features Of Success

  • Commitment And Involvement Of Board Directors
  • Technically Qualified And Well Experienced Staff
  •  Upgradation Of Skills And Knowledge Of Staff

        Participation In Training Programmes, Workshops, Conferences Etc.

Partners – Success Of CETP

  •  Technical & Financial Contributions

           From MOEF, CPCB, MIDC & MPCB

  • Mandatory Membership – MPCB
  • Enforcement Of Tripartiate Agreement

          With CETP User Members – MIDC

  •     Economical And Simplified Charging Pattern
  •     Monthly CETP Collection Through MIDC
  •     Selection And Involvement Of Professional Operating Agencies

Development Plans

  •  Pilot Plant Operational Studies To Reuse / Recycle Treated Effluent Through Tertiary Treatment
  •  Pilot Plant For Anaerobic Treatment Technology To Tackle The Effluent Streams Of High Organic Load
  •  Installation Of Pilot Plant For Root Zone Technology By Neeri

Support To Society

  •     Conducting In Plant Training Programmes For Various Academic Institutions
  •     Improving Awareness Of Environment Among Students And Professionals From All Disciplines
  •     Well Equipped Laboratory Facilities Made Available To Student Community