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Important High Court/Supreme Court Orders
Writ Petition No. 36 of 2003
      M/s Sharad Baburao Patil 
  The State of Maharashtra and Others

In the aforesaid public Interest Litigation filed by a resident of Bahirewadi, Dist-Kolhapur, the Mumbai High Court directed M/s Warna Sahakari Sakhar kharkhana Ltd to install electrostatic precipitator (ESP) for controlling air pollution along with a   Bank   Guarantee   of  Rs.1.50 crores ( One crore Fifty lakhs ) to be furnished in the High Court within 2 weeks informed Dr D B Boralkar Member  Secretary of MPCB . The  Industry   given an undertaking that they will complete the installation of ESP before next crushing season and till that time will not start the  crushing activity.
Earlier the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board had informed the High Court about various non-compliances noticed by the Board and the failure of the industry in arresting air and water pollution. Based on Board’s report, the industry was asked to provide necessary pollution control equipments within 4 weeks and get the same verified from the Board officials and till that time they were directed not to operate the plant.
(  Order dated  5th March 2007. Coram :-  H L Gokhale Acting C J & V M Kanade J)