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I) List of Industries under Orange categories
Sr. No. Industry Type
1 Almirah , Grill Manufacturing���
2 Aluminium and copper extraction from scrap using oil fired furnace
3 Automobile servicing, repairing and painting (excluding only fuel dispensing)
4 Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicine
5 Bakery & confectionery units with production capacity > 1 tpd]
6 Biaxially oriented PP film along with metalising operation
7 Brickfields (excluding fly ash brick manufacturing using lime process)
8 Building & construction projects more than 20,000 Sq mtr built up area
9 Cashew nut processing
10 Chanachur and ladoo from puffed and beaten rice(muri and chira)using husk fired oven
11 Chilling plant, cold storage and Ice making
12 Coffee seed processing
13 Coke briquetting (sun drying)
14 Cotton spinning and weaving (medium and large scale)
15 Cutting, sizing and polishing of marble stones
16 Dairy and dairy products (small scale) (capital investment on plant & machinery < Rs. 1 crore)
17 Dal Mills
18 DG Set of capacity >1 MVA but < 5 MVA)
19 Digital printing on PVC cloth
20 Dismantling of rolling stocks(wagons/coaches )
21 Dry cell battery (excluding manufacturing of electrodes) & assembling & charging of acid lead battery in micro scale[<Rs. 25 lakhs]
22 Emery powder(fine dust of sand) manufacturing
23 Engineering and fabrication units (With investment on Plant & Machineries < Rs. 10 Crores)
24 Excavation of sand from the river bed(excluding manual excavation)
25 Facility of handling, storage and transportation of food grains in bulk.
26 Fertiliser (granulation and formulation only)
27 Fish feed, poultry feed and cattle feed
28 Fish processing and packaging (excluding chilling of fish)
29 Foam manufacturing
30 Food & food processing including fruits & vegetable processing
31 Forging of ferrous & non-ferrous metal (using oil or gas fired boilers)
32 Formulation/paletization of camphor tablets, naphthalene balls from camphor/naphthalene powders
33 Glass, ceramic, earthen potteries and tile manufacturing using oil or gas fired kiln, Coating on glasses using cerium fluoride, magnesium fluoride etc.
34 Glue from starch (physical mixing)
35 Gravure printing, digital printing on flex, vinyl
36 Heat treatment using oil fired furnace (excluding cyaniding)
37 Hotels (Less than 3 star); Hotels having > 20 rooms and less than 100 rooms
38 Ice cream
39 Infrastructure development project
40 Jute processing without dyeing
41 Liquid floor cleaner, black phenyl , liquid soap , glycerol monostearatemanufacturing.
42 Manufacture of mirror from sheet glass
43 Manufacturing of iodized salt from crude/raw salt
44 Manufacturing of mosquito repellent coil
45 Manufacturing of toothpowder, toothpaste, talcum powder and other cosmetic items
46 Mechanized laundry using oil fired boiler
47 Modular wooden furniture from particle board , MDF, swan timber etc, Ceiling tiles/partition board from saw dust, wood chips etc. & other agricultural waste using synthetic adhesive resin, wooden box making
48 Packing materials manufacturing from non asbestos fibre, vegetable fibre yarn
49 Paint blending & mixing (Ball mill)
50 Pharmaceutical formulation and for R&D purpose(for sustained release/extended release of drugs only and not for commercial purpose)
51 Plyboard manufacturing (including veneer & laminate) with oil fired boiler/ thermic fluid heater (without resin plant)
52 Potable alcohol(IMFL) by blending , bottling of alcoholic products (capital investment on plant & machinery < Rs.1 crore)
53 Power press
54 Printing ink manufacturing
55 Printing or etching of glass sheet using hydrofluoric acid
56 Producer gas plant using conventional up-drift coal gasification(linked to rolling mills , glass and ceramic industry, refractories for dedicated fuel supply)
57 Pulverisation of bamboo and scrapwood
58 Repairing of electric motor & generator
59 Reprocessing of waste plastic (excluding PVC)
60 Rice mill less than 10 TPD & rice hullers
61 Rolling Mill (oil or gas fired) and cold Rolling mill
62 Saw mill
63 Seasoning of wood in steam heated chamber.
64 Silk screen printing, Saree printing by wooden blocks
65 Spice grinding (> 20 HP motor)
66 Spray painting, paint baking, paint stripping
67 Tamarind powder manufacturing
68 Tea processing
69 Thermocol manufacturing
70 Thermometer making
71 Transformer repairing/manufacturing
72 Tyres and tubes vulcanization/hot retreading
73 Wire drawing & Wire netting