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Industries Location - Bapukutir Area

Restrictions in Bapu Kutir Area

Restrictions have been placed on establishment of industries etc within a radius of 10 km from the Bapu Kutir vide Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India letter No. J-11011/21/93-IA.II(I) dated 23rd Feb.1994.

In the Bapu Kutir Area establishment or expansion of only non-obnoxious, no-hazardous and non polluting industries at an approved site such as an industrial estate, falling under the green categories is permitted subject to following conditions.

  1. Effluents and emissions should comply with the standards prescribed by the State Pollution Control Board.
  2. The processes as detailed in Annexure-I are not involved.
  3. Use of fuel in the manufacturing or any subsidiary process should not be allowed.
  4. Fugitive emissions should not exist.