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  • Information in respect of Abettoirs / Slaughter Houses in the State of Maharashtra with reference to the order passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the Writ Petiton (Civil) No.309/2003 filed by Laxmi Narayan Modi V/s Union of India & Ors. as on 31/10/2004

Laxmi Narayan Modi has filed writ petition (Civil ) No.309/2003 against the Union of India & Ors. before Hon’ble Supreme Court of India seeking directions from Hon’ble Supreme Court that the incineration of all animal waste to be made compulsory in all abattoirs, slaughter houses, meat processing units in India. Hon’ble Supreme Court has directed on 26/7/2004 the Central Pollution Control Board to collect information from various State Pollution Control Boards / Committees as to the modes adopted in their respective areas for the disposal of their waste. The State Pollution Control Boards / Committees are directed to co-operate with the Central Pollution Control Board and supply the requisite information to it within stipulated time for filing of an Affidavit compiling the above information in a chart.

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has compiled the information from all the Regional Offices and submitted the requisite information to the Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt.of India.

After compiling information about the slaughter houses / abattoirs & meat processing units as per directions of the Central Pollution Control Board, the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has directed its Regional Officers to intiate appropriate legal action against the defaulting slaughter houses / abattoirs & meat processing units on the basis of the seriousness of pollution problem exist there. A statement showing the status of the directions issued against the defaulting slaughter houses /abattoirs & meat processing units is reproduced hereunder.

MPCB had issued show cause notices to 7 units of slaughter houses in Kolhapur Region; and issued proposed directions to 4 units in Nashik Region; 31 units in Nagpur region & 7 Units in Kalyan Region. Further MPCB had also issued directions of closure to 4 units in Thane, one unit in Nashik, 2 units in Pune, one unit in Raigad and restarted one unit each in Thane, Pune and Raigad respectively.

The slaughter houses /abattoirs & meat processing units which have submitted concrete proposal for providing adequate and suitable treatment and disposal facilities for their liquid and solid waste are allowed to restart their manufacturing activities subject to stringent conditions to secure compliance of the consent conditions in a time bound manner. In appropriate cases, the Board has procured appropriate Bank guarantees ensuring the compliance of directions.

The Board has also file prosecution against one slaughter house, namely ASC Abattoirs, 58th Company Supply Depot , Khadki, Pune in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Pune on 3/12/2004, which has not complied with the directions of closure and obstructed the Officer of the Board from executing the said directions.


  •  Present status in respect of directions issued to the Slaughter Houses.

In pursuance to the order passed by Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in Writ Petition No.309/2003 filed by Laxmi Narain Modi V/s Union of India & Ors., the Regional Officer of the Board at Kalyan had issued directions of closure to the following non-complied slaughter houses in his jurisdiction with the directions to the Executive Engineer, MSEB/Water Supply, Bhiwandi Municipal Corpn. & Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Coprn., Bhiwandi to disconnect electricity/water supply. However, the said defaulting units have not closed down their operations, which was observed during the visit of Field Officer, MPCB, Kalyan dt.21/6/2005 & 23/6/2005. Since the electricity is not required on account of process being carried out manually, the slaughter houses are in operation without ETP & pollution control devices and causing severe pollution in the surrounding area.

Therefore, the MPCB has directed the Municipal Commissioners, Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corpn. & Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Corpn. respectively vide its letter dt.12/8/2005, to seal the activities of the following defaulting slaughter houses as per their jurisdiction with a request to SDOs, Bhiwandi/ Kalyan , in case of failure of directions of sealing, to take steps to seal the said defaulting slaughter houses, in case of failure to voluntarily close down their units within 72 hrs. from the date of issue of above directions.
Slaughter houses of Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Corporation.

1. Big Slaughter House, Idgha Road Bhag, Bunder.

2. Slaughter House, Teen Bhatti, Meat Market.

3. Slaughter House, Bhusar Mohalla.

4. Slaughter House, Padma Nagar.


Slaughter houses of Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation.

1. M/s.Beef Slaughter House, Near Patri Pool, Kalyan –Shil Road, Kalyan.

2. Kalyan Dombivali, Municipal Corporation, West Dombivali.

3. Mahatma Fule Mitten, Market Slaughter House, Kalyan (W).

 As per the directives of the Board, the Regional Officer of the Board at Nashik has issued closure directions to the Slaughter House of Kopergaon Municipal Council w.e.f. 17/8/2005 and accordingly, the slaughter house has been stopped w.e.f. 17/8/2005 as per the report of Regional Officer-Nashik.

Regional Officer, MPCB, Aurangabad has issued directions to all the slaughter houses in his jurisdiction to apply for consent and submit time bound proposal to upgrade its effluent treatment plant and disposal arrangements by 22/8/2005. Accordingly, the status of compliance is reproduced as under.

1) M/s.Frigorifico Allana Ltd., Aurangabad : The bank guarantee of Rs.1,00,000/- is submitted by the industry towards ensuring the compliance of the conditional directions. The industry has mentioned in its reply that they have taken steps for achieving the standards of treated effluent as the BOD – 30 mg/l. and COD-100 mg/l. The consent to operate is valid upto 30/11/2005.
2) M/s.Mafco Ltd., Nanded : The payment of cess has been paid upto June, 2005. The work of improvement / modification and upgradation in the existing effluent treatment plant is being examined. It will take some time to get necessary reports and proposal in this regard. The upgradation of existing effluent treatment plant and solid waste management system will be commissioned within a six months period so as to achieve the norms of Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and to avoid any damage to the environment. The consent to operate is valid upto 31/12/2005.
3) Aurangabad Municipal Corporation, Aurangabad : The application for consent to operate with consent fees of Rs.1,30,000/- is submitted in this office. The Municipal Corporation Authority has obtained the details about the Action Plan for the erection of the effluent treatment plant from the NEERI, Nagpur and accordingly, the modernisation work of effluent treatment plant will be started only after getting the funds from the Government of India.