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Database of the Hospitals having 100 beds and above as on 23/02/2012

Biomedical waste

The list of hospital having 100 beds and above to which Board has granted authorization under Bio-Medical waste Rules is prepared and displayed for information of the hospital authority. Comments/ Suggestions are invited from the hospital authority.

Regional Officer, BMW Division,
Maharashtra Pollution Control Board
3rd Floor, Kalpataru Point,
Opp. Cine Planet Cinema,
Sion (E), Mumbai – 400 022.
Phone /Fax – 24044533
Email :
  1. The list has been prepared based on the available data and records and it is possible that some hospitals have been left out inadvertently in this list.(Click here for list)
  2. he hospitals falling in this category , but whose names or authorization status is not appearing in the list should immediately, get in touch with
  3. If any hospital have applied for renewal, but is not reflected in the list should send details of the application like date of submission, office where application is submitted, fees paid, D.R. No. and date , etc. on above address (i.e. Regional Office, BMW).
  4. Board is requesting all the hospital falling in this categories to provide their email address  and contact number of the concern personal for faster communication and shall update timely on the above email address i.e.
  5. The attention is drawn of all HCEs  that  an application shall be made by the hospital authority for renewal authorization at least three month before expiry of earlier authorization get expired.