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DEA Pune Maps
Map No.
1. Administrative Divisions (Base Map)
2. Settlement map
3 Transportation Network map
4 Climate map
5 Natural Hazards map
6 Landuse map
7 Slope map
8 Soil Type map
9 Drainage with Watershed map
10 Surface Water Flow map
11 Irrigation map
12 Surface water use map
13 Hydrogeomorphology map
14 Ground water table map
15 Ground Water Use map
16 Biological Diversity map
17 Incompatibal landuse map
18 Location map of Existing & Proposed indusrial areas
19 location of Mines map
20 Domestic sewage land map
21 MSW Generation map
22 Hazardous Wast Generation map
23 Vehicular Volume map
24 Air Quality map
25 Surface Water Quality map
26 Ground water Quality map

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