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    Noise Pollution
Delegation of Power noise Pollution Rules, 2000
Gazette Notification in respect of Standards for Horns,Sirens and /or Multi toned horns for the vehicles
Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control)(Amendment) Rules, 2010 dated 11th January 2010
Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control)Rules,2000 amendment dated 21st April 2009
Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control)Rules,2000
Noise Standards for fire crackers
Circular on Implementation of Noise Pollution (R&C) Rules,2000
    Noise Monitoring
Noise Monitoring in Metro Cities of Maharashtra
Development of Ambient Noise Monitoring Network in India.
Protocol for Ambient Noise Monitoring 2015
Establishment of commitee for Noise Polluion Control
    Reports Noise Level-During Diwali information
Noise Level Monitoring during Diwali Festival 2018
Pre-Diwali Noise Level Monitoring 2018
Noise Monitoring Results of Diwali Festival Nagpur Region 2017
Noise Monitoring Results of Diwali Festival Period 2016.
Noise Monitoring Results of Diwali Festival Period 2015.
Report Noise Pollution during Diwali
Comparison of Noise levels during Diwali period: 2015
Comparison of Noise levels during Diwali period: 2014
Noise Monitoring locations During Diwali Festival-2013
Three Years[2011 to 2013]Comparision of Noise levels During Diwali Festival-2013
Ambient Noise levels in Maharashtra during Diwali 2012.
Testing of fire crackers at Wadala Truck Terminus
2014     2013     2012     2010     2008    2006
Noise Pollution Data during Diwali festival 2009 (17-19 Oct)
Day Time Night Time
    Reports-Noise Level During Ganesh Festival
Noise Monitoring Survey conducted during Ganesh Festival (1st, 2nd, 5th, 7th, 11th Day) 2015 .
Monitoring of Noise Pollution during Ganesh Festival
Noise Levels Monitored During Ganesh festival 2013-2014- First two day period.
Noise Monitoring Locations during Ganesh Festival 2014
Schedule of - Ambient Noise level Monitoring during Ganesh Festival Period - 2013
Comparision of Noise Levels During all days of GANESH IMMERSION for the Year 2012 and 2013.
Graphical representation of Ambient Noise levels during April 2012- March 2013
  Day Time Night Time
Noise Monitoring levels In Maharashtra During Ganesh Festival 2012.
Comparision of Noise Monitoring values during Ganesh Festival 2011 & 2012 in Maharashtra ( 18.00 to 24.00 hrs).
Graphical representation of Noise levels in and around Mumbai during 2011-12
Day Time Night Time
    Awareness & Related Information
Penal Action Status Against Honking Horn by mumbai Police
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