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    Consent Management - Checklist of information to be submitted along with MSW Authorization Application
Consent under water & air act

Checklist for Siting Criteria for Municipal Solid Waste Processing Plants and Landfill sites. Modified Checklist issued as per Board letter No.WP/B-4746 dated 5/8/03.
Check List (1 to 5)

For Consent to establish

Location Plan, Site Plan, Distance from habitation, river, water bodies
Permission/views express by the District Collector about proposed sites from Town Planning Authority, GSDA and Airport Authority (in case applicable).
Distance from water bodies/Forest land/National Park/Wet land/ Historical places/Habitation/Monuments etc.
Quantum of Generation of organic and inorganic MSW.
Technology details/Project details
I) Environment related information as required under the rules.
II) Proposed Methodology of waste processing.
S.R.O./R.O. to give NOC/site clearance letter to Municipal council/ Corporation for setting up M.S.W. facilities based on the decision taken by the Committee appointed by District Collector for the District.
Site Selection Criteria (7 to 9)
No Development Zone distance to be kept 500 Meters from the boundary of the landfill site.
Capacity of site should be preferably 20-25 years.


The distance from human habitation of the site should be about 500 mtrs. Site Selection Criteria for landfill and processing site for MSW (10 to 16)
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Site Selection Criteria for landfill and processing site for MSW (10 to 16)
The distance from river (HFL) will be as per RRZ policy i.e. as under.
A) A-I Above 3.0 Kmts.
B) A-II Above 1.0 Kmts.
C) A-III Above 0.5 Kmts.
Distance from other Water bodies (other than notified rivers) beyond
500 mtrs. avoiding up stream catchment area of the water bodies, location should preferably at the down stream of the water body.
The distance from National Monuments and historic places etc. as mentioned in the rules, duly certified by Archeological Department should be beyond 500 Mtrs.
A buffer zone - It should be 500 Mtrs from the periphery of new landfill site.
The distance from National and State Highway should be more than 200 mtrs.
In respect of CRZ, RRZ rules will be followed strictly.
Old queries & low lying areas within a city may be earmarked for filling only with construction waste, debris, road waste, road dust, sift from open drains and similar non-toxic inert material only.

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