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    Standing Orders - CPCB Directions (General / Standing )
CPCB Directions (General / Standing)
2/11/2018 Direction Under Section(18)(1) of the water(prevention & control of pollution)Act, 1974 and the air (prevention & control of pollution)Act , 1981 regarding streamlining of consent mechanism.
26/06/2014 Installation of Continuous Ambient Air Quality Mnitoring Stations and Real Time Water Quality Monitoring Stations in Critically Polluted Areas.
05/02/2014 Directions regarding 17 Category of Highly Polluting Industries - Self Monitoring of Compliance.
17/12/2013 Directions under section 18 (1) regarding CETP dated 02/09/2008
26/09/2012 Directions under section 18(1) regarding Status of 17 Category of Highly Polluting Industries
12/07/2012 Direction under section 18(1) regarding Slaughter Houses
04/06/2012 Directions under section 18(1) Classification of Industries into Red /Orange and Green Category.
12/01/2011 Directions regarding Online Ambient Quality Monitoring
23/12/2010 Directions under section 18(1) regarding to Distillery
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